Getting out is healing. Removing yourself from your indoor surroundings occaisionally is the best way to get out of a rut and infuse yourself with fresh air and (hopefully) sunshine. The best I feel is when I can get out into a beautiful wilderness space in a park. The trees and wildlife remind me of what is true and timeless on our planet- life and wilderness. It existed long before us. It will remain when we are gone.

Every season is unique and getting out and feeling the current and warm spring sun on my face for a few minutes on a chilly, yet shifting day can inspire the feeling of rebirth. Its a motivating force to move me in new directions and allows me to be open to change.

My habits shift when nature is part of my daily routine. The link between our actions and the impact on the world around us is on stark display as we feel and observe our way around the larger environment. We notice the results of those around us. A newly planted tree or the garbage that piles along the base of fences in the wind reminds us of the presence of others and decisions that we are all capable of making. I feel more inclined to be mindful of what I consume and to remind myself to step lightly and maintain a simpler habitat at home for myself full of all I need and nothing superfluous.

I don’t get out enough. I know it. I suspect many others don’t either. I remind myself often of my goal for reconnecting to my natural environment is to get out daily in all weather. To feel the shifting of the seasons and allow the cycles of growth and decline to permeate my creative life. This is my path forward. The space and change created by the simple act of getting outside allows for a wonderful shift in perspective for those willing to connect to the world around them.

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