The Dining Room.

Our dining room is a mess... An honest-to-goodness disaster area. I hate it. I hate sitting in it. I don't feel at home eating in it. I hate looking at it. I hate the energy I feel from it. I was journaling the other day, like I do. Every single day I try to write … Continue reading The Dining Room.

The New Moon.

I've started paying attention to the Moon Phases in the past couple of years. It's amazing what a difference tracking the Moon makes when you look at cycles of energy expansion and contraction. The idea is that in the time between the New Moon and the Full Moon, energy expands as the Moon waxes, and … Continue reading The New Moon.

Go Gently.

Move mindfully. Breathe. Deeply. Ground down. Root. Securely. Release slowly. Feel. Intensely. Move as mindfully into your day as possible with deep breaths and deep intention. Ground down into yourself and root securely into your awareness. Slowly release everything that needs to be acknowledged and hold gentle attention on your precious self. It is all … Continue reading Go Gently.

Are You Paying Attention?

Sometimes inspiration strikes hard. Sometimes it's a small whisper. Today it was a slap in the face. *Pay attention to me. Paint this.* I was walking on my favourite forest path and it felt like I could hear everything. Every bird song. Every small critter rustling in the grass. Every snap of a twig. Every … Continue reading Are You Paying Attention?