How do you bring beauty into your life? True beauty, and not what Instagram tells you is beautiful. Do you adorn yourself with beautiful items? Do you bring visual beauty into your home? Do you enjoy hearing beautiful music or words? Do you enjoy smelling beautiful smells? How does beauty present itself to you and what does it bring into your awareness?

Beauty is not necessary to survival, but it feels necessary in order to connect to parts within yourself. My beauty comes from plants that I invite to live in my home. It comes from having spacious moments to sit and contemplate the complexity of a single flower or leaf. The miracle of life in all of its forms is an amazing thing to consider and it helps me connect better to the people and growth around me as well as the universe within me. We are all made of the same things… How incredible is that? The delight that comes when I realize that I am capable of all of the best and all of the worst things that I witness around me helps maintain perspective. I can be as beautiful as these flowers or I can be as rude as the distracted driver who cut me off. We are all a mosaic of these things. Every one of us.

It is breathtaking to consider how interconnected and capable we all are. The complexities, intricacies, the simplicities… Beauty binds it all.

How does beauty manifest in your life and how does it help you connect to the universe around and within you?

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