Are You Ready?

What does your perfect moment or opportunity look like? Would you even recognize it if you saw it? It’s something that I’ve found doesn’t come easily to many people. Everyone is quite sure about what the worst case scenarios are and focus on them readily, but the very best case? Not so much. I bet people end up with their very worst outcomes more often than they imagine their best outcomes. By focusing on the worst case, you’re bringing about all of the conditions to create that worst case. Mindset and visualization are everything.

When we focus on the very best scenario we start to notice and align ourselves with the conditions that make this perfect prospect a reality. If you can’t visualize the best result, chances are the opportunities that present themselves in support of your goals will be dismissed and forgotten. Do you want to be a writer? Better write like one because neglecting your craft will not allow you to feel competent or ready if an assignment or opportunity presents itself. You might not even connect to the fact that you have even heard the opportunity.

By living as if you are your ideal and by taking the time to envision your absolute best life, you are creating the awareness and conditions that give the universe little option but to move you closer to your goal.

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