“Tell Me More About That”

“Tell me more about that” is such a profound statement in what is likely an intense conversation. It can be like water on an inferno. If we can be present, grounded, listening, and moving to a space of curiosity there is great potential for learning about who you are conversing with and how they got to this place. You might even learn a little bit about yourself as well.

A growth mindset values learning over being correct. “Please tell me more about that because I see things differently and I want to understand your perspective.” “My perspective is different, may I tell you more about it?” These are expansive statements that have the potential to open entire new realms of contemplation.

Conversations are a special magic. Reducing the emotional charge of deep discussions and reducing tension and defensiveness is going to yield much more growth and understanding than a screaming match. A conversation where everyone feels heard is an opportunity to learn. But please do make sure that when you ask the question you follow through on the other side of being a good communicator and listen deeply.

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