Morning Routine.

Morning routine can serve as the ultimate space to feel your intuitive self. Waking up a little bit earlier and cultivating some quiet rituals before the rush of the morning can serve as a nourishing time to connect to what is truly important to you.

Setting intentions about how to show up, getting an honest feel for how your body is doing, gauging energy, having a nourishing breakfast, assessing your priorities, making and enjoying the most divine cup of tea or coffee, choosing the perfect outfit, slowly preparing your body for the day, moving yourself mindfully, meditating, journaling, going for a walk… These are all beautiful examples for how to feel yourself. Choose one, choose all, but really take the time to quietly connect inward with strength and intention before the demands of your day take over and overwhelm your intuitive wisdom.

Feeling your inner voice and focusing attention towards it will help you to prioritize yourself when the day and everything around you wants to take more than you want to offer. You won’t get swept away. This serves as a reminder to keep some of yourself for yourself, always. You can’t effectively care for and about others without taking good care of yourself so set the alarm 5 minutes earlier and pick one of the activities listed above. The routine is worth it.

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