“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” I grew up hearing this. The only issue I had with it was that I didn’t know what job I wanted. I didn’t have any idea how to dress because I had no idea what I wanted to do. Over the years I’ve settled on activewear because… well… that way I’d be ready for anything active. Plus I would be extremely comfortable for the moments I wasn’t. Like wearing pajamas all day.

There is a point to wearing what feels good. Feeling comfortable with your clothing allows you to move through your day more easily and with less distraction. Nobody likes wearing a dress that you are constantly worried is too short. Or a shirt that you constantly have to adjust. Pants that don’t fit properly are just a special type of misery as well. Comfortable and beautiful clothing exists out there, I promise. I didn’t believe it either, but I’ve found a few pieces. You can feel good about your clothing.

Today is a day to move towards feeling comfortable and loving the clothing I’m wearing. I love the colour of this dress. I love the pattern. I love that I can wear leggings under it and it makes me feel covered. I love that it fits my body as it is today. I don’t have to lose a couple of pounds so it looks better. Life is too short for clothes that don’t fit properly right now.

I’m guilty of owning clothing that I know isn’t comfortable and doesn’t bring me joy to wear. It is part of my commitment to living more mindfully and moving through Spring Cleaning to sort out what truly needs a new home. It’s been hard for me to dress in a way I love and in a way that accurately portrays the deepest essence of myself. Activewear was a settling point because it felt good and looked good enough.

This leads me back to the question that I have begun asking myself more frequently… Can I do things just a little bit better? So, in this case, can I dress comfortably and beautifully? Feeling put-together is just another step towards expressing myself as completely and authentically as possible.

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