Think big.

“Imagine better than the best you know.” Neville Goddard (The Law and the Promise)

Do you ever sit and think about what changes you could make that would light you and your life up? I mean real “living your very best life” kind of stuff.

I invite you to try. Think about all of the things that make you start sentences with “I would love _____.” Or things that make you finish sentences with “_____ would be amazing to experience.” Spend some time reflecting on what would and what does make you feel deeply joyful and imagine what it would feel like to live in this reality of pure joy. It doesn’t have to be huge. I thrive on sitting in cool air and bright sunshine. I know people who find joy in reading, doing puzzles, knitting, cooking, writing, running, making wine, gardening, drawing, building, exploring, hiking, and playing with dogs. These are all wonderful places to begin, but do allow yourself to imagine the bigger joys as well. Travel. The most lucrative career doing what you love. The best partner you can possibly imagine. Feeling fulfilled daily. Living your entire life as a brilliant example of what joy looks like.

Remember those big, beautiful images and feelings. Allow yourself the openness and flexibility to feel and be guided towards all things that light you up the same way every day. Be mindful and connect to the feelings when they arise. Seek and bask in that quality of joy in your life if only for a few minutes. The possibilities that come from knowing yourself and energizing what ignites your soul are endless.

Pure, expansive joy feels aligned with the very best. Understanding what circumstances bring you joy is the most sure way to increase instances of them in your life. You are not meant to trudge through a bleak, shallow, and narrowly defined life… The universe has so much more to offer than that. Find and live your radiant joy.

Remember joy and imagine expansively.

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