Unconditional Love.

What condition is stopping you from loving the person right in front of you? Whether that is the person in the mirror or the person standing next to you in line. What are they “too much” of that causes you to get uncomfortable and dismissive? Are they too “outspoken” or “wrong” when emphatically speaking their truth? Are they too “stupid” when speaking a point of view that contrasts and clashes with yours? Are they too “crazy” when speaking their truth from a perspective of mental health separate from yours? Are they too “fat” when existing in a way that differs from the way you perceive they should? Are they too “poor” when circumstances have converged for them in a way that you have managed to avoid?

What other dismissive statements might you use to separate yourself from those around you? Too ignorant. Too loud. Too annoying. Too weird. Too depressing. Too selfish. Too greedy. Too self-righteous. Too determined. Too stubborn.

Do you dismiss yourself the same way? Do you write yourself off as unlovable because you feel like you are too much? Do you put conditions on loving yourself?

By dismissing others you assuage the discomfort you feel when you are forced to reflect on yourself. However, that also means you dismiss the opportunity to grow, gain perspective, and practice what it means to love unconditionally. We are all made from the same things. Beginning by loving ourselves as we are, we allow ourselves to meaningfully connect with others from a place separate from our perceived differences. We allow ourselves to see the humanity within each other. It starts with love and it starts with unconditional connection to yourself.

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