What is the most nurturing way to move your body? Your body knows. Can you feel it guiding you towards what it craves?

Running, walking, dancing, yoga, weight lifting, ballet, skiing, kayaking, swimming… The list is endless…

You don’t have to jump into what everyone else is doing. I’ve tried getting into trends and it results in burnout and exhaustion if not used in a way that promotes inner exploration. Does it feel right? No? It might be best to take the lesson and move on. The mindful movement that truly nourishes you feels like art as you use your body to create space, movement of energy, and contentment inside of yourself. It feels connecting, joyful, and beautiful… Have you ever experienced physical exertion like that?

When I began running I felt moved to go further and further. I loved the hours spent outside in all weather. It was my time to connect with myself, nature, and life outside of my home. I used to run very long distances and I would have moments that felt beyond a runner’s high. I felt energized, not exhausted. It enhanced the rest of my day, it didn’t detract from it.

Then after a time my body shifted and I required different movement. I began feeling more and more tired. Aches and pains became big issues but I didn’t want to listen. I loved what I had experienced and to feel it again I just had to work harder, run farther, maybe move faster as well… Right? I had unfortunately grasped on to the identity of the distance runner hard and ended up injured and exhausted. My time running had ended long before. I had completely ignored my inner prompts and for a very long time I struggled to regain my precious inner connection.

Lately I have been reconnecting. My body is again calling for nourishing movement. I haven’t quite experienced what the craving is calling for so I’m taking time to explore. I am listening and experimenting. Walking and small amounts of slow yoga are helping me comprehend the messages I am receiving. Right now I just need to be patient and trust myself. There will be resolution soon… I can feel it.

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