What is your truth? Why are you here? What task or purpose do you know within your soul is the reason you are experiencing this life?

Some people know. Their intuitive connection leads them to where they are meant to be easily and they can get to work in ways that seem effortless and divinely inspired. Their truth is obvious.

I’m not one of those people. I struggle. I switch direction. I make do. I try and fail. I learn and move on. I am still seeking. I am still finding my truth.

If you are able to change your perspective from despair and shame in this fact, you’ll start to feel that maybe there is still more that you get to discover. Instead of feeling like a failure at life for not knowing where your talents should be poured, maybe you can rest in the excitement of knowing that there is still a world full of perspectives to gain and experiences to gather. You get to be a part of so many more things in this life before being guided down the path of purpose.

It can be disheartening and disorienting to feel like the only person who doesn’t have a purpose or a truth in this world. Can I ask you to consider that nobody is here for no reason? That your life is something that you alone are uniquely qualified for? Your voice. Your life. Your past. Your love. Everything about you is perfect. The world needs your perspective. By connecting to and following your intuition through different experiences you will know it is all meant to be a part of your path… It is all necessary for you to be able to completely live your truth.

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