Energy can’t be created or destroyed just converted into another form. It’s the first law of Thermodynamics. The Law of Conservation of Energy. I forget this often. Every time something feels like a waste. Every time something I’ve invested in leaves. Every time I feel like my energy has been drained. Every time energy feels lost.

Loss is hard. It has been a challenge for me to accept because I keep forgetting that energy can’t be destroyed, only converted. Nothing that I have ever given has been a net-negative for me. Nothing has been taken away that was ever really mine in the first place. I forget because I am so attached to where I have put my energy and possession and permanence are strong illusions.

When I feel loss, I forget that the Universe is a closed system. It means that there is no void left from having moved energy towards something or someone that is now gone. Moving energy away means that I have cleared space for fresh and new energy to come in.

I can be mindful and choose what energy flows in. I can sit and envision myself bathed in sunshine and unconditional love and feel it rushing through me, energizing all of the edges surrounding the hole left from that prior energy leaving. Like filling a pool with fresh water, displacing the air.

The very best energy flows towards me, but only after the stale energy has moved on. This flow is inevitable.

Loss is not loss in a closed system. Energy can’t be created or destroyed, only converted.

I bring in unconditional love and send it out into the universe to have it return to me transformed.

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