This Body.

This body is my home. It moves my soul through this world. I am not my body, this body is more of a jacket. I use it to get around, but at the end of the day, I will take it off and move on.

I need to take care of this body. I have chosen not to abuse my body any more by starving or malnourishing it, but to feed it the very best that it craves. I have chosen to prioritize rest instead of living by an “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mantra. This will get me nothing except dead sooner. I have chosen to move my body in loving ways for fun and joy, and not as a punishment for eating or resting. I choose to view this body with love and respect just as it is right now. Is it perfect? No. But there really isn’t any moment other than right now and I choose to spend it loving my body and treating it with kindness. I won’t choose to hate it, treat it with cruelty, or exploit it anymore.

Can I change things? Absolutely. I can choose the very best for myself, but at the end of the day how my body responds to these changes is not up to me. I have lived perfect moments and have had my body fail to live up to my expectations regardless. The ramifications of living with high expectations and a drive for perfection are dangerous. How my body responds to my unconditional love is not up to me, but knowing that I am treating myself with the utmost respect gives me strength and can’t be anything but positive.

“As above, so below.” Treat your body with respect and it will teach you to treat the universe around you with respect as well.

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