Conscious Gifting.

Gifts are something I desire to spend more time contemplating. I want to get gifts that are special and aligned with the aspirations and desires of the recipient. I feel like Christmas, Birthday, and other presents should support who the recipient wants to be as they move into a new calendar year or year of life.

What do we do so that we can get consciously chosen gifts?Because, yes, a gift card or cash is so easy and, yes, it does allow the recipient to choose something that is meaningful to them- but do they? Or does that money disappear into the mundane? Does the gift reinforce who they are, or who they were, or who they are becoming?

I want people to reinvent themselves as more authentic than they were the following year. I want the person that I’m gifting to use my gift to support them in becoming more authentically themselves. I recognize that sometimes that requires some new things.

Because I can’t read minds, I like to have a vulnerable and possibly unique discussion about desire. How often do you talk honestly about what you desire? Not just throwing ‘it would be nice if…’ comments around, but creating that imaginary reality verbally with someone else. Letting someone imagine what it would look like to live as ‘that’ person. Also, imagining with them how you would see them as ‘that’ person. I love conversations like this, but they feel so rare. I want to not only give the mindful gift, but also give the experience of a mindful transition to a new era of this person’s life.

This feels a bit lofty in some situations. What if it’s a perfunctory gift that is expected and an obligation? I could propose getting to know your recipient better, or reconsidering whether or not showing up for a gift-giving event is appropriate given the distance. BUT I know that there is a vast and infinite array of options when you approach this type of situation from a conscious and mindful space. You absolutely know what’s best for you in these circumstances and can make the most aligned decision for yourself.

I delight in the idea of gifts being a ‘blessing’ and a portent for our loved ones as they moved into new and aligned spaces in life. It is such an opportunity to share a moment while holding their imaginary perfection with them and exploring what their ideal reality looks like. To sit with them and witness their dreams and support them as they shift towards them.

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