Lottery, Trust, and Abundance.

I am experimenting with trust and abundance through a lottery ticket. I don’t often get the prompt to purchase one, but yesterday I was fueling my car and I did… and I followed through.

I am scared that I won’t win.

Scared? Why am I scared?

1- Because my trust may be invalidated. 

2- Because I may never experience independent abundance. 

But is my trust truly invalidated? No. My expectation, maybe, but not my trust. I trusted the impulse to buy the ticket. What happens now is out of my direct control and I trust that the result is for my highest imaginative self. I release mistrust.

And never experiencing independent abundance… Do I honestly believe that I have had nothing to do with my Present Moment? No. My Present Moment is extremely abundant. To the point that I can invest outward. I co-created this with my beliefs and actions. I release lack.

I am given from a place of Unconditional Love, meaning that winning the lottery is neither earned nor deserved. Just like a lot of other aspects in life. Universal Energy is a force to be worked with, but not make demands of.

I have trusted my intuitive desire to perform certain actions- and I have followed through. I have trusted enough to 1- ‘do the damn thing” and 2- acknowledge the results without judgment. 

What is meant for me will find me. I trust this implicitly and I show up where I’m intuitively led. It has made my Present Moment experience one of peace and joy. I have experienced abundance in so many ways other than financial. I recognize that I am exactly where I need to be. 

For the record- I did not win. 

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