Gratitude Vs. Reverence.

I find gratitude a dead-end (see my post “I’m so grateful.”). I have used it as a dead-end, anyway. A way to stop exploring something. I stop looking deeper into the wonder. 

‘I’m grateful for (blank). Thank goodness it’s awesome. The end.’ 

It’s a relief it’s here; a one-time gift.

When I engage with something with an attitude of reverence, I have a way that I can endlessly explore the wonder of a subject and its interconnectedness. It inspires a change of perspective. It inspires an exploration into layers of emotion. It creates imaginative vistas that lead to revelations- literal crumblings of old beliefs and patterns. 

When I move from a place of reverence, this life I live feels entirely too short. There is grief that there’s not enough time to explore the wonders around me in the depths I crave and desire. I feel inspired to move through my environment and be surrounded by the common miracles that are created in every breath and every moment. I feel humbled by the vastness of even my small backyard. I feel so engaged in the calm dance of the wind through plants that don’t care about the news of how the world is ending or any of my petty concerns, really. 

There is gratitude that allows you to end a conversation and move on to the next item of gratitude. The next topic. The next thing.

Then there is reverence that allows for concurrent conversations to flow amongst each other, a growing and expanding fractal that allows us to experience the delight in the interconnectedness and harmony of this present moment. 

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