Elements & Setting.

Where do I feel most comfortably situated? Some will never ask.

How does this place, this moment, feel in my body? I find myself asking constantly.

I feel the best along the shores of large bodies of water. 

I feel the worst next to a fire.

I feel ethereal upon mountain tops.

I feel crushed in dense, forested, mountainous valleys.

I feel distracted sitting on the side of a burbling body of water. 

I feel calm in snow or rain falling on wide open prairies. 

I feel sick on wavy water and flying through the air. 

I feel love for the ground beneath my body. 

I feel wonder walking alone in old and historical places where it feels like a million lifetimes have left their energetic footprints for me to experience through my body.

I feel overwhelmed in crowds.

I feel lonely yet peaceful in my home, my refuge.

I feel inspired when I sit with people who share aspects of, yet not my entire, experience. 

I feel heard when I express my favorite words and ideas together in writing.

I feel peaceful when I meditate. 

Where do you feel most comfortably situated?

How does this place, this moment, feel in your body?

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