Once you see, you cannot unsee- Ponderings about Jesus.

Jesus embodies change. Transmutation of the present moment. He healed people, sure, but he inspired countless others to consider their reality. To think about what they and others were doing and the impact it had on others still and the world surrounding them. The Universe and its perceptible elements of a situation, not stories or judgements, laid bare in the present moment. The greater good.

This inspiration was triggering. He exposed so many exploitative patterns and cycles that were being churned through because of the historical benefits for some. ‘Because that’s the way it’s always been done.’ He inspired visceral challenges to the present moment. He was so revered/hated/feared because he could effortlessly, publicly, and peacefully expose the absurdity of systems in a way that declared there would be no way to carry on with the status quo without looking deliberately inhumane/insane.

He was a light, alright. He was the flaming tower card. The transmutation of the incendiary phoenix.

And once you see, you cannot unsee.

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