This view. It was priceless. It was expensive. It cost me a lot to create this picture of this present moment. 

It cost me the time to walk. It cost me every decision I made in order to curate a lifestyle that celebrates movement- from how I rest up, to how I fuel activities, and more. It cost me the time and vehicle expense to drive. I exchanged my desire for the comfort, predictability, and safety of home to get out and show up for that moment. 

Scaling the decisions up a little bit, I had to have a child so that I could drop them off at school so that I was halfway to the park. I got married to have that child. I decided on, and pay the bills for, a place to live in its current location in order to have proximity to this park. 

So this moment was expensive for me… it was priceless. And the absolute wonder for me in all of this is the fact that I paid it unconditionally and willingly. I have cultivated an entire life that has allowed me to be able to do this.

I surrendered the infinite total of every other possibility for what my life could be in order to commit to the infinite total of all of the decisions that I made to be able to show up in and take that photograph. 

Every single present moment from this one until the last one of my life is the same infinite collection of circumstances and decisions. 

I look forward to making more and more decisions like this- ones that are so deliberate, authentic, and honest in order to have more moments of absolute delight as the universe arranges everything in front of me in ways that I can’t even imagine. 

Life, in even the most seemingly unremarkable of moments, is priceless.

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