Are You Paying Attention?

Sometimes inspiration strikes hard. Sometimes it’s a small whisper.

Today it was a slap in the face.

*Pay attention to me. Paint this.*

I was walking on my favourite forest path and it felt like I could hear everything. Every bird song. Every small critter rustling in the grass. Every snap of a twig. Every footstep. Every single sound.

I was almost back to where I began when I felt the prompt.

*Paint this.*

“I don’t paint.”

*You have the paint. It’s colours. It’s yours. Go home. Paint this.*

This was my intuition guiding me. I’ve learned not to argue because when I create from this feeling the results are beautiful. They’re above my pay-grade, so to speak.

I love this life and I love the feeling of inspiration when it comes.

The most important thing is to pay attention. Practice paying attention within as often as you can. The results are most divine.

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