I’ve been trying to sit with what it means to me to live in alignment with my highest self. At this moment it feels like living in a way that allows me to exist with grounded confidence and encourages me to show up in this world knowing where I have strength and abundance to contribute. Alignment allows me to move gracefully down my path and meet whatever comes with curiosity and peace of mind. It’s a template for self-care, for self-standards, self-compassion, and so much more. Observation is mandatory and suspending judgement of the inner and outer world is crucial. Alignment means not fighting the present moment and moving in a way that is most important to you.

Think about your most ideal self. Describe everything about them. What decisions does that best version of yourself make on a day to day basis that allow them to respond in the most perfect way possible to every situation? How does that perfect self take care of their basic needs? How do they feed themselves? How do they sleep? How do they move their body? How do they engage in community and life with others? What do they drink? What do they wear? What do they avoid? Who do they associate with? How are they best shown love? What do they do for fun? What do they do for work? What lights them up? How do they speak to themselves when something unexpected happens? What are the standards they set for themselves and how do they manage when they don’t achieve them? Where do they go to recharge? Where do they live? Everything. Describe it all. Now. How closely do you exist to that ideal person?

Nobody is perfect. This visualization work is not meant to be a source of shame or judgement. It is aspirational. It is meant to be a way to look at how your life might be more ideal and to come up with small ways to tip yourself towards that aligned self. It is also an invitation to explore why you might be thinking this is a stupid exercise, or why you may be finding your mind blanks and you can’t imagine your perfect self, or even why you feel like this is an indulgent waste of time. You are worth imagining the very best about. It is a practice. It is a place of reflection.

My intuition is guiding me to live in alignment as often during my days as possible. It’s also calling me to explore my most aligned self daily in the mornings and move forward accordingly… What precisely does it look like to live aligned with my best self on this day? From this exploration I can start to feel how life challenges lay and begin to form honest solutions, not waste resources trying to apply somebody else’s partially-helpful fixes, the latest trends, or the old-standard reactions. It doesn’t mean life is lived the easiest way, but it does mean that I endeavour to live a life I don’t desperately need a vacation from and that is challenging in the ways I find purposeful. It means that I am often able to make good decisions, not out of reaction, stress, or overwhelm but out of a place of peace. I am able to honestly say no to what is not for me. I don’t feel guilty, resentful, or regretful about the decisions I make because I know that I can say yes to what brings me joy, peace, and ultimately the ability to move forward towards growth. My energy is sustained and I help protect myself from burnout.

I hope you sit for a few minutes a few times a week and write about YOUR perfect self. Explore yourself. Put away the social media, put away the comparisons. You know you best and what is aligned for you may not be for others. We are all unique and that is what makes life so fascinating. You can be your own inspiration.

What does living in alignment mean to you?

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