Growth on Growth.

The energy around me has gotten me this far.

Look at how much I’ve grown.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now it’s time to keep moving forward.

I’ve done the best with what I have and now it’s time to grow.

It’s time to create a nurturing habitat to plant new seeds and cultivate the most promising growth.

It’s time to reinvest the very best to move into the next season.

Growth on growth.

I am grateful for this connection inward to what is best for me.

The way I meet my basic needs is the medium that I grow from.

The way those needs were met before was unconscious and was laid out long ago.

I am choosing new soil.

I am choosing new seeds.

I nurture and water and feed the very best to myself.

I give the best to get the best.

I embody what is aligned to grow what is aligned.

All for growth on growth.

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