What are your true, deep-down beliefs? It matters. What you believe comes from past experiences and how you grew up and it absolutely influences how you approach your life. Here's one. "Something always goes wrong." Things don't work out. It happens, but when you approach everyday events from this place, your senses are open to … Continue reading Beliefs.


Just because you can't see your destination isn't an indicator it doesn't exist. Trust your intuition. You might have wandered a little ways off course. Maybe you have gotten turned around or led astray and started moving in the wrong direction. Your perspective might need an adjustment. Get off the path. Get higher... Elevation always … Continue reading Clarity.


Determining what is important to you is crucial. What you focus on is what you receive more of- have you ever noticed that? When you start thinking about blue cars, there are suddenly blue cars everywhere. When you start thinking about red roses, you start seeing them as you move about your day. So, the … Continue reading Important.