Determining what is important to you is crucial. What you focus on is what you receive more of- have you ever noticed that? When you start thinking about blue cars, there are suddenly blue cars everywhere. When you start thinking about red roses, you start seeing them as you move about your day.

So, the question becomes… Are you focusing on what’s important to you? Or on what’s important to others?

If knowledge is important to you, read books and not your social media. If fitness is important to you, go for a walk instead of binge-watching Netflix. If family is important to you, put away your phone while you are with them.

Determining your values can be hard and uncomfortable work. I know I felt like a liar and a fraud when I inventoried what truly mattered to me. I sat with the idea of my values being reflected by what I spent most of my time doing and it was really embarrassing to see how much time I wasn’t spending on things that I cared about. I said I valued health and connection to my body, but when honestly evaluating my time I saw that I spent a lot of time tuning out what my body really craved. I said I valued creativity, but I saw that I was spending a lot of time observing creativity around me and not actually developing anything of my own.

Figuring out what’s truly important to you will help you find motivation to work on projects and will help direct you as to where your energy and resources are best spent when they are accessible. When I have spare moments now, I sit and create. When I am feeling flat, I know I have projects that will invigorate me and allow my energy to flow.

Where you apply your focus, you will bring abundance. Knowledge will grow when you focus on it. Fitness will increase when you work at it. Family will bond when you show up for them. Creativity will thrive when you allow yourself the opportunity to create.

Do you know what your important values are and are they honoured appropriately and consistently?

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