Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. In the past I have not gotten on board with Spring and the promise of new growth and new opportunity. This year I am moved to behave differently and with more mindful intention.

The seasons are a cyclical opportunity to move through phases of expansion and contraction. The Spring offers the chance to begin fresh and keep moving with what still resonates, letting go of all that doesn’t fit with your upcoming journey through the year. Learning and growing through the season of expansion. The Summer is a time to connect to the joy of pleasure and the richness of the patterns and things cultivated in the Spring. Allowing yourself to connect and move in the abundance of light, warmth, growth, energy, and everything possible. The Autumn is a time of evaluation and of reaping the benefits of all that was experienced in the prior seasons of expansion. This time of release is a space of preparation and letting go as you move into a period of contracting energy. Finally, the Winter is a time of deep reflection and rest. You have with you only what you need to get through the darkest and coldest months. What is crucial is held close. This is the space to connect to what was wonderful about the previous seasons, and to connect within for what is desired for the upcoming season cycle.

This, Spring, is the time of expansion and of connecting to all that I am and all that I would like to grow through. I have never participated in the ritual of ‘Spring Cleaning’ and haven’t ever really reflected on what I would like to accomplish as my energy expands with the increasing daylight and warmth. I’ve kept a garden for the past few years and have ritual associated with the timing of growth in my home region, but beyond that I have never evaluated my life against the season cycle. I’m excited.

I woke up this morning and went out into the back yard and was pleasantly surprised to experience warm sunshine and air around me. Spring. It was a joy to be able to sit on the step and enjoy the hope the brightness gave me. I’m motivated to get into the idea of growth and connection to what I’m being called to move towards this year. I can feel my inner guidance like I’ve never been able to before.

I’m starting with an evaluation of what doesn’t serve me as I move into this time of connection with my deepest and truest self. I’ve often commented that our home is full of old items from who we were; this stuff doesn’t suit who we are anymore. I’m energized about letting go and making space for who I desire to become. There will be items to donate, rehome, or throw out but there will also be items that are still useful for this season. I am so grateful for everything we have, and that we have items that we can move on to new and useful incarnations.

I have to admit that I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed with the idea of sorting through so many seasons worth of accumulated energy and items, so I will come up with a plan to manage some of this. Having the motivation and desire to begin is the most important part. I can also envisage what the finished result will be, which is extremely necessary to me.

What routines and rituals do you use to move mindfully through the seasons? Is Spring Cleaning an activity that you partake in? Is there anything specifically about Spring that you enjoy?

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