What would you do if you knew you could not fail? That you would be successful in every metric you hold dear?

Would you apply for that dream job? Would you ask for that bonus? Would you start that blog? Would you start that podcast? Would you start training for a triathlon? Would you knit a blanket? Would you go out and join that book club? Would you take a pottery class? Would you learn a new language? Would you move to an unfamiliar place?

What would you do if your success was guaranteed? Would it be what you are doing right now? What is calling to you from deep down? When you dream of being or doing something else, what is it? Where are you?

When we get good and serious about beginning something new, it isn’t often that we think about how things could go right, we most often think about how things could go wrong. We start out just knowing that we are terrible and either get paralyzed here, not starting because we don’t want to appear to others as awkward as we feel, or we get stuck in the belief that we will never improve and quit shortly after beginning. Growth is a process.

Every new endeavour and change we experience starts out as a thought in our mind. Can you stick with one of your pleasant thoughts and see it through to a successful end? How many times have you visualized an achievement in the past and accomplished it successfully? Anything from making and savouring a delicious dinner to walking the stage to graduate from a post-secondary education program. You’ve not been 100% certain that you would be successful and you haven’t always been sure it would be easy, but you’ve committed anyways. It’s happened to you and it has all been because of a thought you’ve entertained and acted on.

So what would you jump towards, or even away from, if you knew you would succeed? Just imagine.

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