I grew up taking baths… We weren’t a shower family. But as I grew up and set off on my own, I took on the habit of showering and dropped baths altogether.

As I have been moving through this space, I find that my body wants me to take the occasional soak. It’s been extremely relaxing; a beautiful affair with epsom salts, lavender oil, and a candle. I don’t read or scroll while I bathe. I have been using it as an opportunity for quiet and connection. I relax and I can feel what my body is telling me much easier.

A soak in the tub is another tool for me that helps me ground back into the most basic parts of myself. It’s a reminder to get quiet and to allow myself to feel the simple pleasure of warm water combined with a light scent and delicate, soft light. All provide gentle sensory feedback. It also reminds me of when I was a child. It has been so good to get reacquainted with this ritual.

It is a simple pleasure, but a great way to disconnect from the external and reconnect with the quiet, internal parts of me that might get lost during a busy day.

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