Today is a day of energy and movement. The sun is warm and the temperature is high… This makes for the ideal conditions to set plans in motion.

Spring Cleaning is underway. I’ve been scared to get going on this because if I sit and stare at it all for too long the project seems enormous and impossible. However, what I’m finding is that there have been opportunities for action on small sections of the larger job presenting themselves over and over during the last week. It’s an interesting thing to notice. Have those calls to action always been there?

Yes. I believe the urges to do any work are there, I just have to pay attention and get my mind out of the way. I rationalize why the job is too hard and too impossible and it always leads to apathy and inaction. It’s especially destructive when I’ve buried the prompts under thoughts for so long that I stop receiving them clearly. I get into a rut and it becomes harder and harder to feel a way out.

Not today.

This is a day for action and possibility. I am capable of anything I can imagine so right now I am taking time to imagine my most intimidating jobs completed. I can feel the lightness and freedom of movement within my space. It’s a beautiful thing to contemplate. Keeping the vision and feelings in my attention will inspire action and completion. I just need to stay focused and stay out of my own way.

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