Present Moment. Deep Diving.

I’ve taken some time to explore the present moment and it has been so enlightening and expansive to consider the gift that is this very instant in time. We can’t act in the past or the future. It’s all right now. The truth of the moment is here- everything observable around and within us. The Universe is here- everything that has and will ever exist. Unconditional Love is available to me here. My Intuition takes all of this information into account and guides me in this moment. Not tomorrow, not last week, not even 30 seconds from now. Just this instant right here. This is the only place where I exist without story. I just am and everything just is.

The Present Moment allows me to respond, not react. It allows me pause to separate myself from the stories I’ve energetically dragged forward from my past- I can realize that my stories are not the truth in the present moment. I can also disengage from myriad stories about the future. Future-fixation causes me to become obsessive, micromanaging, and closed-off from miracles and delights.

Pausing in the present moment allows me to observe my truths, my feelings, my desires, and my intuitive prompts. It helps me to remember that this is my existence. The present moment allows me to experience peace because I can engage myself in my own reality and remember my boundaries. I don’t have to make decisions based on the present moments of other people- they can inform the decisions I make, but I don’t have to abandon my present moment in favour of theirs. I choose to place my awareness in my own present moment so that I can exist in my most authentic way.

The present moment allows me to build back trust by being exposed to honest truth that only exists here and now. Everything that surrounds me exists. There’s no story about the barking dog, it’s a barking dog. There’s no story about the sunlight on my skin, it’s the sunlight on my skin. Sitting in the present moment allows me to experience moment after moment of truth, unconditional love, and Universe. Nothing is trying to trick me. Nothing is trying to make me fail. It all just is and anything more is just a story I’m telling myself based on my past experiences or my future expectations. My gratitude and attention can be directed towards everything around me instead of creating stories that may not be real.

This means that I can change my way of interacting in the world completely. I don’t have to do things because it’s the way I’ve always done things to protect myself. I don’t have to act in a certain way because I’m on the expected path. I am free. I can respond to the truth of the moment: All that was has led me here, all that ever will be is available to me, all that is informs me of the best way forward.

I’m grateful for all that is right now… RIGHT NOW! I practice paying attention to everything around me as it is without trying to fix, judge, or change anything. Just observing. As I move through this work I know everything will get easier.

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