Spring Refresh.

I’ve been contemplating Imagination. For many reasons, Spring is when I feel drawn to explore this concept. In the past I have found this framework helpful for my situation and I would like to share it in the hopes that it might help someone else as well.

Imagination from a place of Nervous System Regulation vs. Dysregulation. How do I begin this work? 

Basic needs: food, water, environment, movement, sleep, breath, and elimination. Meeting these needs in a way that feels as good as possible. Pleasing the five senses. This is how I begin regulating my nervous system. 

Next steps are things like meditation, journaling, Reiki, and flow activities to connect into what calm feels like in and through my body during different activities.

From the calm state and recognition of what the regulated/dysregulated body feels like I am able to work though dysregulating thoughts, memories, and emotions, and, with compassion, disentangle attachments and see them for what they really are. This allows me awareness of what situations might not have worked in the past and might need some adjustment in the present moment. 

Now is when I can really start to look intently at desires and imagination from a position of a regulated nervous system. Imagination from a dysregulated state brings more dysregulating circumstances. From a regulated state, a calm creative state, my imagination brings me into awareness of so many expansive opportunities to fulfill my desires. Regulation is the opening and deepening of my aperture field to all that surrounds me in the Present Moment. I see details and all kinds of options more clearly when I am open and calm. I can engage more of what surrounds me when I am regulated.

This is my Highest Imaginative Self. 

Imagine multiple people working together from the position of their Highest Imaginative Selves. 

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