Drop Your Story.

Or put it down gently. I really don’t know how well it’s serving you. What I do know is that carrying around that story is limiting you. It’s the story we default to when something goes wrong.

“I do it because that’s how I was raised.”

“It’s a habit.”

“It’s what I’ve always done.”

“It is what it is.”

When we choose any variation of this story we choose not to be present in our current moment. We choose not to stay with the situation and feel our way to a new solution. We become victims to this story again and again in the moments where we have the opportunity to try out our best and most present selves.

It’s ok to put your story aside. It is ok for you to be in this moment and see yourself exactly as you are. Not where you came from. Not everything that ever happened to you. But right here in this moment. Can you stop and pause? Can you put the story down and feel into the awareness of yourself and your surroundings? Just observe without judgement and without action.

It is ok to have a story. It is absolutely ok that it has led you to this point. Your story has defined and preserved you. But in this moment you are safe and it is ok to see yourself as you are and to connect to your most aware and highest self. Is this the story your highest self would choose to operate from in this world? Is this the most loving story to tell about yourself?

Drop your definitions of yourself while you are at it. Most likely, these identifiers came from your old and outdated story. See yourself as you are and then see yourself as your highest self. Can you walk through your day from this space? Can you lovingly put aside your old story so that you can move forward as a consciously chosen self? Can you love yourself and walk through this world from the place of being so genuinely and deeply loved? You are worthy of loving yourself.

“I love myself.” Try this new story if you absolutely cannot conceive of living without one.

Everybody has a story. The good thing about stories is that we are aware of them not being our current place and are able to put them aside so that we can live in the present moment. We can move forward with our awareness and intuition guiding us towards our highest selves. This awareness allows us to exist in our lives from a place of loving observation. Living from love benefits everybody around you. The best way to love yourself is to stand in this moment, aware of yourself and your story but not living from it, and love your entire self. Your story is always there and will always be a part of you, but you don’t have to operate from it anymore.

It’s ok. You can put it down now.

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