– I write differently. 

– I tend to write sentences that are more a statement of my truth rather than points to be argued. 

– I write sentences as a list that I shift and reorder over and over until it congeals into a cohesive piece. 

– My sentences are often numbered- but not today.

– I shuffle and group sentences that go together into paragraphs.

– I add sentences that might be necessary to explain other sentences. 

– Sometimes I have a lot of really good sentences. 

– Sometimes I have a few really good sentences. 

– When I don’t take time to reorganize my sentences, my written work tends to be a bit disjointed and disorganized. 

– I have conversations with friends and we often talk for hours just to stop and wonder “how did we end up here?”

– I often don’t finish all of my points when having a discussion with someone because I get sidetracked.

– I want to write a book. 

– I get a bit concerned when thinking about how many sentences are in a book. 

– That’s a lot of sentences to shuffle around. 

– I feel like a book needs to contain a lot of really good sentences.  

– Maybe that’s the way forward; I’ll just start compiling really good sentences. 

– Eventually I’ll be able to organize them into a book. 

– I organize letters into words.

– I organize words into sentences.

– I organize sentences into paragraphs.

– I organize paragraphs into chapters.

– I organize chapters into a book.

– There it is- my writing technique.

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