In this very present moment I sit.

I breathe deep. I illuminate my awareness with my breath.

I turn my attention to everything around me. My focus energizes it all.

I turn that focus inward. My body has messages for me and I listen with unconditional love. Just listen.

Unconditional love is loving with no conditions. No qualifications. No expectations. No reservations.

No exceptions.

The feelings within me change, not because I forced them but because they felt heard. Witnessed. Loved.

Love is just showing up and energizing with attention.

From this space of reception I can ask necessary questions, feel my intentions, listen inward, and exist intuitively. Without stress.

How does this intuitive guidance move me? It sees all of the evidence and includes the path of the soul. It takes my desires into account. It accesses forward, back, and all around and gathers what is necessary for this moment.

I allow myself to consciously gather everything; he most necessary from my past and from my future and bring it into my present awareness.

The most necessary isn’t always the best. The most necessary is arranged by my intuition for this present moment.

I put down my stories. I acknowledge the flare of my Ego.

I sit with it. I feel what the necessary brings up.

I may repeat this whole process, but ultimately I know what I have to do.

I move forward with grace. I move forward with unconditional love.

This is my path. I gather and do the most necessary with what I have available to me in this instant.

All that I have experienced. All that I know. All that I can imagine. Gathered.

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