The full moon has passed and it feels like time to focus on release. I personally don’t love calling it release because it implies that I judge and cast away. I don’t do that, but I acknowledge a narrowing of my awareness to what is truly crucial in this present moment. Leading up to the new moon, my attention becomes more astute so it becomes important to be mindful of where that awareness is going. “Where attention goes energy flows.” What isn’t imperative gets released and is either picked up when my attention widens again, or isn’t.

This requires so much trust. Trust that the focus will widen again and what I release isn’t going to leave me. This is hard. How can we relax our grasp on things that might not be there when our attention returns? I have no good answers beyond trusting that the universe supports us unconditionally and that everything that stays or goes is for the progression of our journey. I have struggled with long periods of narrowed and misaligned focus in the past. It was so necessary for me to have these experiences because now I can see how release is important and nothing to fear. I have released that fear. I have also gained trust that attention invariably widens again. Focusing on what is core and letting the rest go is crucial to growth. I don’t want to carry every little thing from my entire life along with me the whole time I’m here. It’s exhausting!

The ebb and flow of attention (and therefore energy) is a chance to gracefully release what doesn’t serve you in this present moment. It could be an old fear that got absorbed from an event that hasn’t repeated since. It could be an old grudge that saps energy out of you constantly. It could be anything that isn’t helping you become your highest self in this moment. At this time, take a deep breath, feel within, shower what is ready to go with all of the unconditional love in the universe, and release.

Trust that your widened attention will return at the new moon. As the moon moves towards being full you’ll be able to examine new, or the old, things with greater energy and a new perspective. It’s a cycle. Nothing lasts forever. Trust.

I bring my attention to the very most necessary in this present moment. I release all of the blocks and distractions that do not serve me.

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