All desires are seeds that we plant with one of two things: Deliberate awareness of what we would like to happen, or with the unexamined patterns of our day-to-day lives.

Do you like where you’re at and what surrounds you in this present moment? You might be! But if you’re at all curious about how things could be, examine what surrounds you. What would you change? What would be an exciting shift that would bring you joy and calm? These questions point you towards your new seeds, your desires.

All seeds are different and have different requirements for being nurtured- soil condition, water amount, light, temperature, humidity… We are no different with our desires- location, food, water, rest, breath, movement, warmth, love, safety, resources… It’s not enough to hold the seeds, the desires, in our minds. They require planting and nurturing in the most appropriate ways.

So we examine our seeds and explore what they need to thrive within us. We get curious. This requires our imagination. What would need to change about our experience with those new seeds sprouting? What does life look like when our desires are actually fulfilled? This is preparing the soil, the environment, for the most nurturing experience. Our seeds will have a chance to sprout and grow because we have deliberately shifted.

But what if our seeds have not sprouted? What if our desires are no closer to fulfillment? This is where we need to get creative and curious about what might need adjustment. Just like a plant can’t grow with too much or too little in its environment, we might be experiencing the same. Too much or too little of the patterns, behaviours, surroundings required. I’ve been here. This demands exploration, courage, and persistence. Change is never easy, but sometimes things need to be let go in order to find space for what needs to be brought into the Present Moment. What worked before may not work with the new seeds, the new desires. Keep trying.

Now we need to maintain the standard of nurturing that our desires require so that they can continue to produce the very best in the world surrounding us. It’s not enough or supportive to get everything started and go back to our old ways. That’s not living in the desired result or holding onto the vision. Bring it back to the desire and examine what nurturing is required. Adjustments may be necessary.

In every Present Moment we can plant new seeds and shift our nurturing choices to provide the best growth medium for ourselves. One day soon, we will look around and desire to keep nurturing what we have planted- those same seeds- those same desires- over and over again for the Present Moments to come.

When life changes, we are flexible and able to acknowledge and get curious about what new seeds might be wonderful for our new Present Moment.

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