I feel like there is a difference between self-preservation and fear. Fear is contemplative. It is something that you have time and space to deliberate and is a gradual slide toward dysregulation.

There are very real protective mechanisms but what I’m talking about is not that… it’s not an instant Fight/Flight/Freeze/Fawn system response.

It’s a slow-roll of a story that gives you a chance to explore resistance in a conscious, calm, and deliberate way. That resistance is the limitation that fear places upon us. We rub against those edges and our job becomes to contemplate the experience over the precipice of our fear.

What are you being called to explore by way of fear and discomfort? Can you approach and figure out why something makes you feel more comfortable remaining still, silent, sweet, and sedate? Courage and Unconditional Love will be required but I know everyone contains it. It feels important to explore.

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