“How can I share my gifts with the world?

*Live my experience and write.*

Spin, spin, spin. “I’m not a writer.” Spin, spin, spin. “I’m a terrible example of how to live a successful life.” Spin, spin, spin. “Maybe this means I need to…” Spin, spin, spin…

*The fact that this is being pondered so deeply is proof that you don’t trust the simple guidance to live your experience and write. Two things. That’s it. Trust. It IS this simple.*

Deep start to a Friday.

“It IS this simple.”

Don’t doubt. Don’t question. Don’t devalue. Don’t deflect. Don’t underestimate.



Just feel into the truth and the answers will come and be clear. Your mind is trying to protect you, but it always seeks the safety of routine and reliability or absolute certainty of the path forward. It will always try to find a workaround that is familiar even though the truth may lie in the unknown.

The key is trust that your intuition wants what is best and necessary for you in this lifetime.

What truth have you been doubting?

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