It is a new day and I am grateful. For every challenging day I have, I know that a good rest and a new dawn follow. It may not be a better day, but it is different and I know I am also different. Growth happens during rest and I feel that I have more resources available to me in the moments of a fresh new day.

I wake up early most mornings to enjoy my first moments alone in the stillness. I get to quietly ask myself questions like: Who am I today? What is different? How do I feel in this moment? This space? What am I being guided towards? Away from? What is my intention for this day?

Some moments will feel better than others, but knowing that I arrive in a new morning refreshed with so much potential, grace, and promise fills me with oceans of gratitude. The magic lies in the reflection and introspective look at the present moment. Grounding down to grow out and up.

What is dawning for you today?

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