How Can I Best Show Up?

When you show up for something consistently, the activity becomes a comfortable place to be and space for expansion and wonder.

When I was running long distances, I would get settled in my pace and I was able to ponder creative insights and solutions to all of my daily issues. Currently I have a journaling and card pulling practice that allows me a similar freedom of thought and realization.

So what else can I show up for that may allow me more expansion? What will allow me to experience more creativity and flow?

Some spaces I can consider are mindful practices like:

  • Meal preparation
  • Deliberate movement
  • Singing
  • Breathing exercises
  • Home cleaning rituals
  • Relaxation bathing
  • Consistent writing
  • Gratitude rituals
  • Practice speaking my intuitive truths out loud

These are not uncommon exercises, but the point is to be present and open to receiving that divine inspiration and expansion that comes from showing up consistently.

We are all hoping for inspiration and creativity to strike, but how and where can we reliably present ourselves so they can find us?

Are you ready to receive?

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