The Present Moment

“The Present Moment

Nothing missing.

Nothing extra.

Simultaneously nothing and everything.”

Twitter post 25 October 2021

I’ve been exploring some aspects of my Universe lately. What I’ve come back to over and over again is that the Present Moment is our point of entry into a life beyond our conditioned responses.

Bring your awareness to where you are in this this Present Moment. From here there is no mental chatter. Just readiness. Just observation. Just peace and calm because there is no story and there is no thought. Just you. Sitting. In this moment. With whatever is going on around you. You are breathing. You are hearing. You are seeing. You are smelling. You are tasting. You are feeling. You are observing.

From this Present Moment you can recognize that the Universe surrounds you. There is all kinds of possibility here. Everything that is possible can only be accessed through the Present Moment. You can’t be in a moment from 5 minutes ago. You can’t be in a moment from 20 years from now. All that there is is right now. Past and future are story. Truth is surrounding you at this moment.

Taking whatever time you can to practice accessing it during the in-between moments of your life will help you access it during some of the bigger moments. From this calm place you will be able to feel all of the different options available to you as you make decisions on action. You don’t have to be held to your patterns, routines, and habits. You don’t have to operate from programming that doesn’t work for you anymore. You have the power to choose from this Present Moment.

It feels too simple at times. It feels like life can be so complex and complicated that sitting and observing the Present Moment can’t possibly be helpful. But it is. It can really be as simple as feeling what is going on inside and around your body. Taking time to rest and pause in the Present Moment.

From here: I can shift my energizin attention. I can choose differently. I can choose the action I wish to take next. I can maybe choose to do exactly what I would have done anyway, but the difference is that it was my choice made from a calm and peaceful awareness of all choices available to me.

I am existing with a chronically dysregulated nervous system and I often have to check in to make sure that there isn’t a layer of static screening a situation. I make it a point to take a deep breath and feel what’s going on in my body. I know my tells for dysregulation, but unless I can sit in the Present Moment, I get easily swept up in my typical responses and coping mechanisms. The Present Moment is my gateway to freedom.

Practicing with attention in the Present Moment is likely necessary. We have operated for a long time without sitting in perceptive silence. We can start with a minute several times a day. Just sit and observe. No judgement. No thoughts about what’s happening. Just feel it. Just taking a moment in the quiet stillness to perceive. Things will come up. See them. Feel them.

The Present Moment is a gift. Have you experienced it? Do you practice sitting in it? Do you have any questions about it? Please let me know if you do.

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