It is ok to feel peaceful.

That’s it. That’s the message for today.

You can feel good. You can feel regulated and full of Awareness and full of the joyful calm that comes from knowing that you are an integral aspect of your Universe.

The state of regulated Awareness is in contrast to Survival Ego- which is that panicky place that is never satisfied and is always scared. regulated Awareness is a feeling in the body. I describe it as joyful, calm, peaceful, confident, delightful, creative, curious, wonderful, grateful, Unconditionally Loving, and unifying. There is no need to try or strive or suceed. It is a deep feeling of acceptance of the Present Moment.

The issue for me has been that this causes my history to flare and my Survival Ego along with it. I feel like I have to be doing something or people will think I’m lazy. I have to be trying to complete something. I have to be using my time differently. I have to be striving and grasping to something or thinking about someone and their situation.

No. I don’t. Intuitively I feel this truth.

It is ok to feel regulated Awareness, even if nobody around me feels the same way. I am a sovereign being. I don’t have to rise to the dysregulated anxiety or sink to the dysregulated depression of others. This doesn’t do anybody any good. I know that I can just show up. My Awareness allows me to see situations clearly and get curious about how to creatively solve problems. This is the calm that the creative and curious part of the brain require to get the best learning and growth accomplished.

It is ok to feel peaceful. In fact, it’s necessary to feel this calm and I hope that you create time for yourself to be mindful about it today. Take care of your basic needs and then sit with something you love and allows you access to this peace- meditate, contemplate a picture or a flower, or journal. Allow yourself to feel absolutely content for as long as you can manage. This begins to rewire your body for calm.

It is your natural/neutral state to feel this calm. It is where we show up to to experience the divine. It is where we experience perfection and can rest in order to grow.

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