In this very present moment I sit. I breathe deep. I illuminate my awareness with my breath. I turn my attention to everything around me. My focus energizes it all. I turn that focus inward. My body has messages for me and I listen with unconditional love. Just listen. Unconditional love is loving with no … Continue reading Gather.


Energy can't be created or destroyed just converted into another form. It's the first law of Thermodynamics. The Law of Conservation of Energy. I forget this often. Every time something feels like a waste. Every time something I've invested in leaves. Every time I feel like my energy has been drained. Every time energy feels … Continue reading Loss.


I have a negative relationship with aggression. I don't like it. I don't find it productive in any meaningful way. It's mean, forceful, divisive and just not in line with the way I believe life can be. Nobody wants to be harassed into doing or thinking something to avoid trouble with someone who is unrelenting … Continue reading Aggressive.