Happy New Year!

This year I am committing to more writing and have a bit of a plan. Each month I am going to work through a wellness topic, explore different aspects, and hopefully discover some beliefs and habits that can be cleared and replaced with something more in-line with where I am right now.

I’m excited! There’s so much that I hope to refresh for myself… There’s so much that I am ready to let go of. I love the New Year because it feels like such a clear opportunity to reconnect with what delights me and where I want to go next.

January – Mindfulness

February – Rest

March – Food

April – Movement

May – Home

June – Nature

July – Joy

August – Savoring

September – Clothing

October – Winter Prep

November – Gratitude

December – Summary / New Beginnings

There’s a lot here! I really believe that polishing the basics allows me to develop discipline and a real excitement for what is possible. From this point I am able to grow and expand into new and creative places. My hope is that you’ll follow along and enjoy exploring some of the different sections for yourself!

Thank you for all of your support! I can’t wait to see where we go!

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